www.fut4fun.com Brazil team in the one-fourth finals penalty shootout Paraguay eliminated | Джа Дивижн

www.fut4fun.com Brazil team in the one-fourth finals penalty shootout Paraguay eliminated

De Menezes is the 2010 South Africa World Cup to succeed Dunga as Brazil coach, Fifa 14 Coins XBOX he took the fleet to Brazil coach primarily because led excellent Club in the country. But since into the national team, "Mei Jiajun" but were largely flat, although obtained in the 33 official matches 21-6-6 record is good, but for targeted local World Cup champion Brazil team is not enough to make people at ease Brazil team and a majority of victories from the football tournament in third world countries, gold is obviously inadequate. Losing opponents are Argentina, and France and Germany such a world-class team. In term of de Menezes, Brazil took part in two competitions, and equally mediocre. 2011 Copa America, Brazil team in the one-fourth finals penalty shootout Paraguay eliminated; this year's London Olympics, Brazil Olympic team and staffing strength comparable to the national team, but lost to obscurity in the finals of Mexico people, continuation of the "football Kingdom of" vacancy in the Olympic men's football gold medal embarrassment. Last month FIFA rankings, Brazil team was dropped to 14th place, this was their worst-ever record, the current Brazil team only ranked 13th Luiz Felipe Scolari is expected to take over

Brazil local time 23rd Brazil Football Federation President deerneiluo Marin, Vice-President, as well as football association national team Sanchez 3 people a limited consultation on the change, result in the discussion for nearly 17 hours later, they finally decided to allow de Menezes to produce pointer when de Menezes was the Brazil Football Federation President football "big brother" Sierra hired to coach the national team. Sierra leave in the first half of this year, Marlin, the new Chairman took office, de Menezes failed to win the trust of Marin. Marin has also been hinted recently, in public, said Brazil needs a better coach. Last week, Brazil and Argentina played friendly football team, both players who do not recall in Europe, so obviously should have neimaer, Lucas, Brazil man stronger, but de Menezes 1:2 within 90 minutes of the team lost the game. The game completely de Menezes to return Brazil Football Federation sources said new national team coach will be established in January next year. While the current three top candidates: Buy Fifa 14 Coins With fast delivery from fifa coins trader online! 100% Safety! away of Luiz Felipe Scolari, Manager Jose Ramaho dos Santos as well as Corinthians coach Dieter. Luiz Felipe Scolari's highest, five-star Brazil 2002 led by Luiz Felipe Scolari last star embroidered stars such as Ronaldo at the World Cup in South Korea and Japan. And two other persons as in the case of de Menezes, Brazil led the outstanding performance in the League. In particular, Marius, because Brazil teams are currently the number one neimaer is from he coached the Santos team, so there is a strong competitive edge. Pei Mu Brazil national transpositions handsome mixed

Brazil coach Mano. de Menezes fired the news, many industry insiders and celebrities have expressed views on this matter Brazil Football Federation Director Andre in charge of team Affairs at all levels. Sanchez was 3 FA executives involved in the decision that day. For domestic Club Corinthians before the de Menezes into national team when coach, Sanchez is the President of the Club. When his day in an interview made no secret of its support for de Menezes and reservations towards dismissal decisions: "during his tenure there have been difficult times, is now gradually get back on track. My assessment is that he is doing a good job. Convenor of the national team coach's work is not only team playing that easy. Situation is much worse than it is now before him, such as when Eriksson lost last year, when final defeat this year. His situation at the end of this year to be much stronger than earlier. ”

Brazil, another footballer playing the "Lone Wolf" Romario publicly "celebrate" de Menezes after class. The firm has been "plums" wrote on Twitter: "today for Brazil soccer is a historic day, we set off firecrackers cheers! Inept Football Association leadership has finally done something good for Brazil soccer thing. "Romario made it clear that support for the moment away" five stars Brazil "meritorious coach Luiz Felipe Scolari.